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Braver Angels
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

In the current era of deeply polarized politics, college campuses have become increasingly inhospitable environments for respectful political dialogue. When students are unable to express themselves, they are robbed of their education – as are their fellow students, who are not exposed to their views. Braver Angels will expand our scalable, evidence-based model that teaches students and faculty to conduct their own debates; reach over 1,000 college students; shift campus culture toward the embrace of ideological diversity; build a nationwide student movement for civil discourse; and cultivate the student leaders who will carry the movement forward. The project will lead to the creation of a curricular toolkit; relationships with 20+ educators; toolkit piloting by 10+ educators; relationships with 20+ campuses; execution of 10+ on-campus debates; and execution of 10+ cross-college debates. Braver Angels will also recruit at least 10 student leaders across 6 or more member campuses to lead the national student movement for civil discourse. The college debates program will help improve the quality of education on specific campuses while shifting campus culture more broadly to cultivate a generation of leaders who will support the renewal of American civil society.