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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
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Evangelicals perceive adherents of other religions less positively than do other religious traditions (2017 Pew Research Center). This reflects both a theological problem (i.e., they lack a theological framework for interfaith engagement) and a practical problem (i.e., they lack positive relationships with people of other religions (2019 Pew Research Center). They are especially isolated from Muslims: only 22 percent of evangelicals have a relationship with a Muslim (2019 report from the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding). 
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA has begun developing the Peace Feast program to create on-campus opportunities for Christians and Muslims to share a meal and to have authentic interfaith dialogue. After piloting the program on several campuses, InterVarsity intends to present Peace Feasts as a core “next step” experience to the estimated 12,000 participants at Urbana 2022, our largest student training conference (Dec. 28-31, 2022). InterVarsity will support Peace Feasts through plenary and seminar programs (to reframe a theological framework for interfaith engagement) and through curricular and marketing support of on-campus programs. InterVarsity also will provide up to $1,500 stipends to support the first campus groups that sponsor a Peace Feast.