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The need for nuanced, thoughtful educational media for children at this moment could not be greater, as COVID-based learning delays and troubling trends in child health and wellbeing pose critical challenges to youth development. Today’s children at ages 6-12 years old, commonly referred to as middle childhood, are among those most acutely affected by pandemic-related educational deficits, yet they are also at the developmental stage at which children develop independent interests and skills. Cultivating children’s emerging interests with intelligent and engaging science-focused media like Terrestrials will be critical to training the next generation of scientists. Thanks to AVDF’s support, the pilot season of Terrestrials served as an important proof of concept for the show’s potential to offer a nuanced, curiosity-driven learning experience and cultivate children’s sense of belonging within scientific fields of inquiry. AVDF renewed support to capitalize on Terrestrials’ potential with a new six-episode season that retains and expands the show’s multiplatform approach while deepening engagement with children and families through educational strategy development, live events, and more in service of thoughtful youth education on topics in science and nature.